The Fil-Am Society of St. Augustine











The Fil‐Am Society of St. Augustine Parish is one of the oldest organizations in our parish. It came into existence during the infancy of St. Augustine as a parish. With the steady influx of Filipinos into St. Augustine Parish in 1981, Fr. Michael Keane brought about the organization of the Fil‐Am Society with Msgr. Fred Bitanga, as clergy consultant. Lernie Prudenciado (now Deacon), was the first president. After a year at its helm, he relinquished the presidency to Irene Arcano. Irene led the organization through six of its formative and successful years, introduced several popular Filipino cultural‐church related activities like “The Salubong (Sunrise Easter Sunday services), Santacruzan (month of May devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary) and “Simbang Gabi Novena. Fil‐Am members still participate collectively on the ongoing activities of our organization, except the Santacruzan festivity which is now being undertaken by the Parish Office.

          1. To promote the active participation of the members in all parish activities through  
              camaraderie and oneness among all the members;
          2. To promote interests and well‐being of the all the members;
          3. To preserve the cultural heritage of the Fil‐Am members and their posterity that
              could enhance their service to the church and parish community.

Membership to the organization is open to all parishioners of Saint Augustine Parish with Filipino affiliation either by ethnicity or otherwise.

MEETING TIME: The group meets every 2nd Sunday of the month, after the 11:00A.M. Mass at Room C, Saint Augustine Church.

          1. Public address system in the parish hall.
          2. The granite church sign at the corner of Callan Blvd and Greendale Street.
          3. Contributed more than $5,000.00 towards the expansion of the church building, a
              pew for the renovated church, security cameras, and landscaping.
          4. Installed diaper changers in the restrooms,
          5. Chairs in the chapel and three (3) ciborium.

          1. Deacon Lerny Prudenciado
          2. Irene Arcano
          3. Manny Yap
          4. Joe Arcilla
          5. Eva Baldwin
          6. Jun Panelo
          7. Manny Almojuela‐
          8. Lito Puno
          9. Linda Gamboa
          10. Vicky Santiago ‐

President…………………….Flora Nolasco Tel 650‐255‐1244 (contact person)
Vice‐President…………… Cora Gadduang
Secretary………………….. Christina Christenson
Treasurer………………….. Colette Panelo
Auditor………………………  Linda Gamboa


For information contact:
Flora Nolasco
(650) 255‐1244