Family Living

October 2017

Oct 16

Choosing Life

Creator God, you are author of every single life. Help us to view all people as you see them and to build a culture of love where all are valued and no life is in danger of being “thrown away.” Amen.   This content comes to you from Our Sunday Visitor courtesy of your parish or diocese.
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Oct 9

Personal temple

The Gospels clearly say that Jesus rose in a human, bodily form. (And that’s important.) The Resurrection wouldn’t have been the Resurrection if Jesus had, say, appeared like Obi-Wan Kenobi at the end of “Return of the Jedi.” Jesus isn’t some disembodied spirit who flickers and glows with a knowing smile and nothing...
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Oct 2

Grace-filled joke

An old joke tells of a farmer standing proudly by his field of corn. A traveling preacher was passing by and said, “You know, you and the good Lord are partners in creating this field.” The farmer replied, “That may be, but you should’ve seen the place when God was the sole owner!” This content comes to you from Our...
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Family Living

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