The Marthas

Closed Group

THE MARTHAS was originally formed during the expansion of the church by Fr. Eugene Tungol. They became instrumental throughout the course of the project from the late 90’s to its completion in 2001. They went as far as to cook and serve all the parish dinners when parishioners were being informed of the expansion, before the project was formally launched.

The ladies helped the Knights of Columbus with their functions and managed all formal benefit dinners connected to the Capital Campaign. One of the members, Linda Lavin, eventually managed the campaign contributions.

Membership originally consisted of Consuelo Andres (deceased), Gloria Babiera, Mila Braganza, Russell dela Cruz, Norie Gabriel, Rosita Mariano, Linda Lavin, Helen Lumagui, and Lolita Palomo.

“We were all parishioners of St. Augustine and signed up our kids in the late '70's with the Children’s Choir led by the late Fe Morales and Consuelo Andres.  Our husbands were all members of the newly founded Knights of Columbus.  While our children were busy with their choir practices and the husbands with meetings, we came together to serve and feed our families at church.  We volunteered and served our parish at functions and masses," said Lolita Palomo.

"Our service was recognized by then Pastor Father Eugene and he would refer to us as the Marthas," Palomo continued.  As the years went by our friendship and bond grew strong.  We met often at our homes and held faith meetings and sharing.   We continue to celebrate this friendship at our annual Christmas party with our children and grandchildren,”

“Father Eugene gave us our name, because he said we were always working in the kitchen,” added Linda Lavin.



Known Group Activities

  • Simbang Gabi Fellowship
  • Mother's Day Flower Sale
  • Hosted dinners for the priests
  • Sponsored the Chorus Paulinos and supported their concerts.

The Marthas continue to share their time and talent every Mother's Day by selling flower corsages to raise funds for the parish.

History of the Marthas was contributed by Lolita Palomo, Linda Lavin and Mila Braganza
November 2018