ATTENTION PARENTS & STUDENTS OF SAT 10:15 AM & 11:30 AM CCD CLASSES. Adult Ongoing Formation Meetings will be held during your regularly scheduled class (NOT @ 9:00 AM)
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Small Christian Communities

Small Christian Communities (SCC) are developed to meet the needs of individuals and families and the growing population of St. Augustine Parish.

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A community is composed of ideally 3-8 individuals centering on God’s Word through weekly or monthly encounters in a 90-minute session. It is a casual conversation respecting each other’s faith life, learning together, supporting each other and provide service to others as a group. It is a process where gifts and talents of people are discovered and brought open to the bigger Church.

St. Augustine Small Christian Communities hold meetings during Lent and Advent  for faith sharing sessions. SCC members meet for six or more weekly sessions per season. A community may choose to continue meeting throughout the year- weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Small Christian Communities live their faith through family, parish and community volunteer services.

The SCC Parish Core Community (PCC), compose of twenty volunteer parishioners, plan, implement and evaluate the activities of the parish communities. They coordinate workshops for facilitators, provide retreats, health care seminars, support parish fundraisers and other parish projects.

If you are interested in joining an existing community or would like to form one, call the Parish Office at 650-873-2282 and leave your contact information. One of the coordinators will get in touch with you.

Faith Sharing Communities:

Morning Glory (c/o Elsa Rosal), Monday, 9:30 am

Santo Nino Group (c/o Visie Millares), Saturday, 7 pm

Samaritan Women (c/o Eleanor Breite), Monday, 7 pm

St. Augustine Choir (c/o Trish Sadaya), Friday, 7 pm

St. Augustine Chorale (c/o Jun Javellana), Sunday, 11:30 am

Bible Study and Charismatic Groups (c/o Danny Molina), Tuesday, 6:30 pm, Saturday, 7 pm

Our Lady of the Cenacle (c/o Ferry Sioson), Thursday, 7 pm

Love Circle (c/o Jun & Colette Panelo), Friday, 7 pm

Callan Group (c/o Alvin Chang), Friday, 7 pm

Edith Stein (c/o Nelia Chang), Sunday, 9:30 am

Mary's Children (c/o Malou Salumbides), Tuesday, 7 pm

Disciples on the Journey (c/o Amor Baldomero), Wednesday, 7 pm

Divine Mercy (c/o Anita Songco)

X-Men (c/o Conrad Gamboa/Joe Paranal), Thursday, 7 pm

The Singles (c/o Lu Navor), Sunday, 12:30 pm

I would like to join this Ministry! 


Small Christian Communities hold faith sharing sessions during Lent and Advent.



Ed Ang

Malou Salumbides
Coordinator of Evangelization & SCC

Lari Collins